Sharpening the Saw – Typography

I find myself in the unusual situation where several current projects have been delayed, in some cases for weeks and in others months. So, this perhaps is the perfect time to ‘Sharpen the Saw’, a concept I recently came across reading The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. My equivalent is my editing software and in an effort to keep up with the very latest I signed up with on-line learning resource

Now you might be thinking, that as a professional in the video production field, shouldn’t I already have a very high level of skill to do my job properly? Of course the answer is yes, but as somebody who spends a lot of time editing with Adobe Premiere Pro, I should be looking at ‘complementary’ skills.

One thing I always spend too much time mulling over during an edit is the typeface. I tend to favour sans-serif variations, mainly because a simple font such as Helvetica seems to fit the nature of the work. So I felt it was time to have a look at Lynda’s Foundations of Typography course. Immediately I can see that it will not only improve the quality of my work, but also help me explain to clients and colleagues why I have made particular typography choices. Sharpening the saw is now a regular activity!

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