Is Your Van Secure?

Working on the Skill Builder YouTube channel sees us filming all kinds of products across the land, but one of our favourite trips was to Sussex Installations to solve a big problem.

We work with expensive power tools and when you’re travelling long distances to your shoot locations, sometimes you have to leave those tools in the van. We’ve been quite fortunate over the years given the rising amount of tool theft from vehicles but eventually, it’s inevitable that you’re going to get bitten.

We spent the day with Jeff Scott from Sussex Installations along with his workmates Matt and Danny, and filmed them at work making our Vauxhall Vivaro a much more secure vehicle. So, no more door peeling or lock picking and if anybody wants to break into the van it’s going to take quite a bit more effort.

Sussex Installations don’t just work with vans, they can secure your car too. Take a look at their website:

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