Alex – English without dialect, with a range of different accents and characters.

Laura – Southern English, clear natural, with a range of ages, styles and accents.

Pat – Voiced radio and TV commercials, audio books, films and documentaries.

Penny – Quirky and distinctive voice with great flexiblity.

Julian – Rich, refined and resonant classic English voice.

Marcus – Light English voice. Assured, straight-forward and genuine.

Mark – Warm, friendly, BBC style, with no discernible accent.

Matt – Extensive range of styles, accents and characters, well-spoken narration.

Paul – Neutral British accent. Warm, friendly, believable, genuine and natural.

Simon – Rich, deep commercial voice. Relaxed, authoritative and dependable.

Liam – Rich native commercial Irish voice.

Anne – Light native commercial Irish voice.

Marie – Upbeat native commercial Irish voice.

Shawn – Warm friendly native commercial Irish voice.

Billy – Documentary style native Scottish voice.

Jamie – Upbeat style native Scottish voice.

Jennifer – Warm friendly style native Scottish voice.

Ken – Rich powerful native Scottish voice.