We have many years of experience in multi-camera live video streaming event coverage. In some instances our clients need a live output to a video wall or large projected display, while other projects just require that the event is recorded for future broadcast or distribution through DVD, Blu-ray, Internet streaming or download.

Multi-camera Coverage

Most events will include at least two cameras for wide and close-up shots, and some fixed cameras for feature shots. Coverage is improved with interesting shots from Steadicam, tracking and jibs. High-speed cameras produce awesome slow motion shots and our UAV gives incredible aerial pictures (see UAV reel below).

Motion Graphics & Animation

An essential part of live streaming are the motion graphics & animation. Things like team line-ups, head-to-head stats, PowerPoint presentations and data display are always used to good effect. Social media updates, stats and quizzes can be perfectly integrated with your live streaming output.

Screens Big & Small

Most events have one master display which serves as a focal point for spectators. As well as close-ups, replays and information, this screen can help identify what’s happening. If the event has different zones or covers a big area, more screens can be added, from a 10″ LCD to a 110″ LED monster!