Camera crews for hire

We have an excellent group of camera operators with many years of experience in live broadcasting, corporate video, training and documentary work. We’ve worked on stereoscopic 3D projects, unmanned aerial cinematography, miniature camera rigging, ultra-high-speed photography and underwater filming. We all have a ‘can do’ attitude and will get the best out of every scenario.

Whether you need a single Lighting Cameraman for an interview, a small crew for a product launch or a full OB for a sporting event, we can supply the right team for you. We also offer dry hire on all of our camera equipment.

Sony F5 Camera


Most of our camera work is undertaken with the Sony PMW F5 or the more discreet Canon XF405.

Rate Card

Camera operator with Canon XF405 | £500 per day

  • Canon XF405
  • Field monitor with wireless link
  • 3-head LED lighting kit
  • Shotgun mic with boom
  • Wireless lavalier mics

Camera operator with Sony PMW F5 | £700 per day

  • Sony PMW F5
  • Field monitor
  • 3-head lighting kit
  • MKH 416 Shotgun mic with boom
  • Twin wireless lavalier mics